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“Using Wisdom to Bridge the Generation Gap”

Pearls of Wisdom from Three Generations Foundation

Grandmother Celia Ford (1927-2013), Daughter Theresa Allen and Granddaughter Pamela Simonson



Our mission is to provide services, outreach and God’s wisdom with multi-generational familes to enpower, encourage, enlighten and enrich. 

The Pearls do this through Scholarship, Training (Etiquette Classes), Funding to underprivileged multi-generational families and much more.

The Pearls believe “When layered together, Pearls of Wisdom are the words given to chosen ones who have devoted their lives to listening to the whispers of God. They listen. They apply. They impart. God’s Pearls of Wisdom are divine inspiration for us to solve our problems, as well as illuminate our lives in order to plan and design.”

~~~ Excerpt from Pearls of Wisdom From Three Generations collection by Grandmother Celia Ford, Daughter Theresa (Terri) Allen, and Granddaughter Pamela Simonson.  – Thelemaque Publishing Copyright © 2003

Pearls of Wisdom from Three Generations Ministries has a mission to help develop an enriched life for people of all generations.  Linking women, young ladies, teens, girls, men, and boys to enpower, embrace, encourage and enlighten.



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